House of Rounds Hits Vic On The Park

Photos: Maclay Heriot

Have you missed being jostled and squashed against heaps of sweaty bodies?

Have you missed wondering how many different people’s DNA you have smeared into your pores? Gross. Probably not. However, we bet you’ve missed the sweet/deafening sound of live music and the excitement of being inside a pub where live music is playing. Well, nostalgia turned into reality over the weekend with the Jameson House of Rounds wrapping up a three-day festival with free music and good whiskey at Vic On The Park. Kwame and CLYPSO kicked off the Friday night, accompanied by Jameson’s taste-testing whiskey rounds, and the venue reached capacity very early on because, naturally, nobody wanted to leave. What the hell else would you wanna be doing on a Friday? Saturday bought The Murlocs, Flight To Dubai, Caitlin Hartnett and The Pony Boys, who established another one-in-one-out situation on the door by early afternoon because, again, no one wanted to give their spot away and miss a dang thing. If you and the 720 trillion aching cells of your body (real science) somehow made it to the third day, Shantan Wantan Ichiban and the Sunday session vibes picked you up again and got you through the final fun-as-fuck night. There was music, there was whiskey, there was a good weekend for the books. Thanks to Jameson for putting on the show.

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