Hopps x Steve Brandi Board Series Launch at 98 Orchard

Video by Ian Wishart.

Clear your calendar for this Thursday night—we got a big opening at our NYC gallery, 98 Orchard.

Hopps and Hopps pro Steve Brandi are unveiling a new series of decks featuring Steve’s polaroids, and to celebrate they’re throwing a launch party at 98 Orchard. There will be decks, there will be a photo show, there will be music, there will be booze, there will be other stuff.

According to Billy, who runs the 98 Orchard space, ‘Steve isn’t a professional photographer, but does take photos in and around NYC on an old polaroid camera. I guess he has tons of photos and the other guys on the team told him he should do an ‘artist series’ of skateboards for this season. He said ok.’

The launch party is expected to be the best thing to do in New York City on Thursday night, so put your bubblegoose on and get down there.

Thursday, March 5. 7—10 PM. 98 Orchard (located at 98 Orchard St, Manhattan)

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