Hex Make a Camera Bag that isn’t uber-dorky!

Camera bags have a tendency to be crudely shaped and uber-dorky.

The Hex Raven DSLR backpack however, is a most chic and discreet way to transport your precious cargo. The indiscernible shape means that it’s not advertising your valuable cargo to thieves. If you’re walking around with camera-outline shaped bag then you might as well accessorise with a huge foam finger bearing the words “Rob Me!’ and wave it in the air wherever you go. The Raven just looks like a regular pack, and a sleek one at that.

Another awesome thing about a discreetly-shaped pack is that you’ll avoid the tedious questions that accompany carrying a bag with CANON plastered on the side—“Are you a photographer?” Nup, you’re just a dude with a bag, nothing to see here. The cherry on the pie is that the Hex is waterproof and has compartments for everything you could possibly need. Lenses, Macs, cables, whatever.

Get your mitts on the goods here.

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