Photo by Nick Green

Heat Things Up With Dion Agius’ Fireside Mix

Dion Agius takes up a decent portion of the new Monster Children Travel Issue.

As well as being really, really good at surfing, photography, and running a successful sunglasses brand, Dion’s also got incredible taste in music. How do we know that? Because we asked him to create a playlist for our Apple Music curators page, and below you’ll find the steamy tunes he picked out. He also provided an eloquent insight into his approach to the playlist, made with cold places—like his hometown—in mind.

‘I made this pretty chilled playlist for listening to at night time during Tassie winter (other cold winter places also work) with the fireplace going, and a nice glass of Tassie pinot noir while cooking a nice hearty warm dinner for a friend that fills the house with delicious smells,’ Dion emailed. ‘It also works for after dinner while relaxing on the couch, maybe on a giant furry rug with a friend while still drinking red, and maybe eating desert. Or reading a book or knitting or giving your friend a massage or something.’

There you have it. Head on over to our Apple Music curators page here to listen to Dion’s Fireside Mix (the first three months are free!).

See more from Dion by picking up your copy of the Monster Children Travel Issue right here

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