Heaps Normal Release Another Lager

Our mates at Heaps Normal have just added a new non-alcoholic beer to their offering and, like their XPA, it is delicious.

Heaps Normal launched about 18 months ago and by now you would’ve tasted it. If you haven’t though, take our word for it—it tastes like really nice beer. Some (if not most) non-alcoholic beers are flavoured with watered-down alligator piss, but Heaps Normal actually tastes really good, and that’s because the brains behind the brewery know how to make really good regular, get-you-drunk beer.

The new Heaps Normal beer, Another Lager, is as crisp and refreshing as any lager out there, the only difference is you can drink as many as you want and still wake up the next day and do stuff with your life, instead of feeling sorry for yourself on the couch and scrolling Insta or falling over in the street and shitting your pants or having sex with someone you wouldn’t ordinarily share an apple with. Here’s what they said:

‘Deep down we know that everyone loves a classic Aussie beer as much as they love summer, the smell of cut grass, the sound of cricket in the background on the radio, pouring ice into a full esky, knocking off work and having one off the wood at your local. So, we’ve created a classic Aussie lager fit for the pub, pitch or pit. Another Lager is just that, but with no alcohol, you’ll get that quintessential, crisp lager experience without any of the downsides. It’s a normal lager for heaps normal people.’

Give Another Lager a whirl at heapsnormal.com


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