Have You Been Watching Cathode TV?

In 2020, The Coaxial Arts Foundation in downtown Los Angeles had its doors closed by covid.

Which is a major bummer by anyone’s bummer standards, but the good instead of keeling over and letting the worms do their business, they got to work making sure CAF’s incentives didn’t dry up. One of those offerings was a monthly video art event called Cathode Cinema. Curated by Jesus Antonio Rivera, Christopher Reid Martin, and Jonnie Prey, Cathode Cinema was a program of hard-to-find and rare movies and video art that screened once a month. Awesome. But then covid. Boo.


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Now though, Cathode Cinema is Cathode TV, a free streaming service operating Monday to Friday, from around 8 pm to 8 am, and 9 pm to 9 am Saturday and Sunday (PST). Cathode Cinema pivoted and now the lives of everyone outside of DTLA are better for it. You can’t select shows and watch them as you would on Netflix; you have to check the schedule (above) and wait till they come on—you know, like the olden days. I dig it. You should dig it too. cathodetv.com

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