Hard-Ons Doco in the Works

The Hard-Ons got me in trouble in high school.

I had an A4 flyer promoting their album Dick Cheese laminated to my folder and I was sent to the principal’s office. I don’t know where I got it from—it was Echuca and I’d never even heard of The Hard-Ons. The principal went red and explained why ‘Dick Cheese’ was ‘Hard-Ons’ was offensive. I hadn’t given the profanity much thought, though; I was just stoked on the picture that accompanied those words: a line drawing of the Marvel Comics hero Daredevil being eaten by a monster. Guts everywhere, very violent, I think there might’ve been a pentagram or two. I loved it. But I had to tear it off my folder and throw it in the principal’s bin.

Years later, I realized Australia’s The Hard-Ons were punk royalty, and I actually caught one of their shows at The Great Northern Hotel in Byron Bay. They were amazing and very, very fast. And now they’re a documentary on the way called Hard-Ons: The Most Australian Band Ever. 

Living Eyes films is producing the doco, and it has been accepted by DAF (Documentary Australia Foundation) for its financial support program, which provides filmmakers with a portal through which they can solicit donations to make the film happen—aka Crowdfunding. Seems to me Screen Australia should be footing the bill, but what are you gonna do? Check out the trailer above and tell your rich uncle to put some loot behind the project.



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