Dreamy: Mick Jagger in 1807

Happy Monday With Mick Jagger

Out-of-touch political cartoonist Leunig drew a stupid thing today because he’s a silly old white man with zero clues.

But why dwell on that grey sultana when there’s another old white dude spreading love and joy: Mick Jagger. Mr Jagger tweeted a video of himself dancing in preparation for an upcoming show over the weekend, and people have been ripping it and reposting it with different music because that’s how the internet works. Jagger turned 206 this year, and yet he dances like a man who wasn’t there for the invention of electricity. Sure, he has absolutely fuck-all to worry about because he’s minted, but he’s also old enough to remember Napoleon marching on Austria, so keep that in mind next time your 23-year-old arse is feeling sorry for itself. Happy Monday!

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