Happy 53rd Birthday, Kurt Cobain!

Had Kurt Cobain not died in 1995, he’d be celebrating his 53rd birthday today.

I wonder what he’d be like? You almost have to assume he’d be pretty chilled. It’s impossible to maintain that level of angst when you’re nearly old enough to ride the bus for free. Look at Nick Cave—the guy has been practising Transcendental Meditation for the last six years, an activity that ‘helps with low-level anger, uncommunicativeness, resentments, impatience, passive-aggression, depression, self-obsession, hatred of the world, blaming others, wanting to murder and maim people and a host of other maladies that I had been dragging around and allowing to define me.’ How awesome is that? Nick Cave has figured out how to be happy, and I think Kurt would’ve gone the same way. Not TM exactly, but I think he would’ve mellowed out and got into pottery or something. He also would’ve divorced Courtney (something he was planning on doing right before he died) and brought more unimaginably beautiful music into the world. And like Nick Cave, he would’ve been happy. Yes, he almost definitely would’ve had hemorrhoids, a sore back and a dick that never really finishes a piss, but he would’ve been okay. We wish he’d hung in there a bit longer. Happy birthday, Kurt. If you’ve had thoughts of packing it in because everything is shit, hang in there because, as George Harrison said, all things must pass, and that includes the really bad times. It’s true. I’ve been there and it passes. In the meantime, you can hit up Beyond Blue for a bit of support HERE.

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