Grosso Forever

Jeff Grosso leaves behind an undeniable legacy.

He touched the lives of skaters of all ages and backgrounds with his cunning commentary, tenacious attitude, and enduring activism for preserving the core. To celebrate Jeff’s life and invaluable contribution to skateboarding, Vans are conducting a special ceremony that will showcase never-before-seen footage of Jeff doing what he does best, along with personal video dedications from friends and family. Moderated by Chris Nieratko, the event will close with an intimate memorial gathering with respected skate names such as Steve Van Doren, Loveletters to Skateboarding co-creators Rick Charnoski and Buddy Coan, John Lucero, Steve Olson, Steve Alba, and Lizzie Armanto.

The gathering will, of course, be virtual, and will happen April 28th—Jeff’s birthday. The memorial Livestream will be hosted on Vans YouTube and Vans Facebook on Apr 29th, 5 AM AEST. Grosso Forever.

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