Greg (Craig Anderson) Gets a Signature Lid

That’s right folks, freesurfer extraordinaire Craig Anderson has just dropped his first-ever signature lid: the Meat Tray.

When I was growing up, there was this weird and pretty fucking lame divide between surfers and bodyboarders at school. The “boogers” as they were called were typically into punk music, jumping off shit and hurting themselves (Tension video era) and driving hatchbacks.

But, fuck that. Craig was smarter than most of the jock surfers and realised from an early age that if he stuck close to the boogers and there were bodyboarders in the line-up, it meant the waves were more than likely going to be heavy, barrelling wedges providing ample opportunity to get barrelled and huck himself into one of his signature frontside air variations. Craig is smart. And now, born of this fabulous relationship between surfer and ‘booger,’ we have Craig Anderson’s signature lid from Drag Board Co., the Meat Tray.I know very little about the construction and materials of a boog, so I’ve left that part up to the Drag lords themselves. Here’s what they had to say:


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‘When sensory overlord Craig Anderson succumbs to those dragging hero-erotic desires, he reaches for the secret compartment and swiftly extracts the pleasure tray on which he can depend. With dual railing, single deep sub-deck shaft, sultry slick contour, and polypropylene core passion, he drags his meat across the open face to completion.’ Featuring:
-Foam Core
– Some Foam Around the Outside
– Slippery Shit On The Bottom

Get your Meat Tray here, and learn some respect below.

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