Is This the Greatest Final Scene of a Movie, Ever?

A lot of great films have horrible endings.

Such films will generally roll through exciting twists and turns, before slowly arriving at a sad crescendo of predictability. Hello, anti-climax. And if that doesn’t happen, then they usually finish on the other end of the spectrum, with you staring blankly at the screen wondering what the fuck just happened whilst the credits roll in amusement at your bewilderment. Although this can sometimes be nice (enter: Christopher Nolan), man has enough questions left unanswered, and I have trouble getting to sleep as it is.

20,000 Days on Earth, the 2014 film based on Nick Cave, features neither of these ending attributes. The final scene is instead a visceral montage of iconic live performances, cut around a live rendition of ‘Jubilee Street’ that is so good you will shun the studio version henceforth. The film is co-directed by Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard, both of whom co-scripted the film with Nick Cave.

Watch the ending scene below and check out the full film wherever you can, because it’s great, and you should experience great things. 10/10 recommend.

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