Gorillaz Create Custom Animation for G-Shock

If you had to compile a list of the most un-commercially minded bands, then Gorillaz would certainly feature.

Since rejecting their nomination for the Mercury Music Prize in 2001, creators Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett have made it quite clear that Gorillaz is about the art first and foremost. Which is what made this G-Shock joint so… curious.

The short was directed by French design co. BRTVS, and depicts the Gorillaz’s original cast—2-D, Noodle, Murdoc and Russel—journeying to outer space after being prompted to by G-Shock mastermind Mr Ibe. The score comes from their newest album The Now Now, and the film is the first installment, with more to come.

“It was a dream project for us to work on,” read a statement from BRVTVS. “The Gorillaz universe is already quite dense with so much material to play with that has been iconically created. And lucky us, we then had a lot of freedom granted to approach this project with Gorillaz x G-Shock as we wanted.”

As the lines between paid and organic content start to blur, you can expect to see more and more unexpected collabs from those whose price you’d think was unobtainable. But hey, it sure makes advertising more interesting. Even the YouTube message board, ever the hotbed of cynicism that inevitably ends up with Third Reich comparisons, seemed to enjoy the collab, with one commentator offering: “Is no one going to talk about how 2D jumped into the car???”. If you’re going to get bombarded with messages prompting you to purchase something—and you are—then they might as well be outside the box and clever like this one.

Stay tuned for more from Gorillaz x G-Shock here.

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