Goodbye Savings, Tyshawn Jones Just Dropped a New Shoe

Tyshawn Jones needs no introduction.

Unless you’ve been taking up residence in Inner Mongolia for the past couple of years, with no access to the internet or a postal address to receive your monthly issue of Thrasher—in which case, we’ll get you up to speed, my dudes. The SOTY, Bronx local, adidas Skateboarding and FA team rider is one of the most sought after skateboarders in the world right now, my dudes, thanks to his unwavering confidence and effortless style on the board. He’s also found himself dabbling in design recently, teaming up with adidas Skateboarding for his first pro shoe range which we’ve already seen via the Triple White and Tyshawn Signature Shoe.

But Tyshawn’s always got more aces up his sleeve, so we were pleasantly unsurprised when we caught wind of this week’s drop, the Adidas Tyshawn White/Red. Inspired by basketball trainers but rooted in skateboarding, they’re some of the comfiest kicks on the market right now, and they’ve got an EVA midsole that cushions against impact. An abrasion-resistant toe holds up to hard riding if that’s your MO, but the whole shoe just looks really damn nice even if you’re not planning on pushing them to their limits. If they’re good enough for Tyshawn, they’re good enough for you. MY DUDES.

Adidas Tyshawn White/Red are available right now at, and the following skate stores across Australia: Fast Times, Beyond, U.P.S, 1991, and Parliament. Get ’em before they’re gone.

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