Good to Go: Wiseman’s Surf Lodge

Sydney, well, Wiseman’s Ferry to be precise, has got a wave pool.

This pool, however, isn’t just a slab of concrete that churns out an endless stream of waves. It’s a full-blown resort: golf course, high-end restaurants, bars, spas, and luxe accommodation.

But let’s talk about that pool. The wave is the same technology used at the Palm Springs pool, which is arguably one of the best in existence. Similar to Palm Springs, it’ll get up to 6-foot high, go for 12 seconds, and churn out 17 waves per second. Another plus is that the numbers in the pool will be limited, meaning that you’ll get at least 12 waves per hour when you’re surfing. Which unless you incessantly drop-in on people is way more than you’d typically get in the ocean.

Obviously, the lodge isn’t for your average, once-a-fortnight sort of surfer. You’d need to be addicted to surfing and prefer the idea of surfing near-perfect to crowded beachies, or, you’re just toey for a bit of retail investment (with the perks of being able to surf there).

So, if you’ve got some cash to splash on an investment head on over to the site. And if you don’t, hope a friend takes you along for a go.

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