Gogol Bordello Release ‘Teroborona’

If you were in New York City between, say, 2001 and 2012, you almost definitely lost a shoe at a Gogol Bordello show.

However, if you weren’t on Manhattan Island back then, Gogol Bordello is gonna seem pretty goddamn weird. Believe me, though, the energy they bring to a live performance is tapped directly from the Sun. They are incredible. Gypsy Punk was what the press called them, but I’m not sure you can’t say ‘Gypsy’ anymore… Traveller Punk? Any road, they were and remain an incredible live band, and what’s more—the lead singer, Eugene Hütz, looks almost exactly like my friend Alex Burt, and when I lived in NYC, we used that likeness to get into parties and places that would’ve otherwise been off-limits to us. I’ve got so many great New York stories. Call me: +1-760-706-7425.

While they formed on the Lower East Side, Gogol Bordello are Ukrainian, so it’s no surprise they—with the help of special guests The Cossacks—have written and recorded a pro-Ukrain song. It’s called ‘Teroborona’, which roughly translates to ‘Terrorist Defence’. ‘Many of my artist and musician friends had to pick up arms and join Teroborona,’ says frontman Hütz. ‘This is a dedication to their courage and to the courage of all defenders. The song is rooted in Ukrainian traditional dance “Arkan,” one of true Ukrainian Hutzul spirit.’ All proceeds from the sale of the new track will go toward the band’s Cauze campaign, a modern Donor-Advised Fund that donates to Care.org’s Ukrainian Crisis Response. Get behind it.


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