Go See ‘Limbs’ in the Flesh at Jerico Contemporary

Sydney’s Jerico Contemporary art gallery put on an impressive run of online exhibits while we were all trapped in the confines of our homes—but they’re back, in the flesh, and with a brilliant new group show in tow.

Upcoming group exhibition Limbs will feature Aussie artists Janine Dello, Matthew Dettmer, Matilda Michell and Elynor Smithwick, opening Thursday, 25th November and running until Saturday, 18th December 2021.

Matilda Michell, Contour Line, 2021, Jerico Contemporary

Limbs is an exploration of our interior and exterior worlds; an attempt to answer ‘who are we when we are alone, versus our presence in a crowd?’ The work shown from these four artists will draw on themes of human relationships and the tensions that permeate our everyday lives—from faceless portraits to bodies in repose, and intimate, solitary moments. The collection of 13 figurative paintings that make up Limbs will be hanging from next Thursday, the 25th, so make sure to get your arse off the couch and on your bike to Jerico Contemporary—if for no other reason than to remind yourself that life’s better outside the Metaverse.

Matthew Dettmer, Kathleen’s Legs (On The Couch), 2021, Jerico Contemporary
Elynor Smithwick, Window dweller II, 2021, Jerico Contemporary
Janine Dello, Full Moon, 2021, Jerico Contemporary

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