Globe and Dion Agius Drop ‘Dark Hollow’

Globe rider Dion Agius has released a new capsule and a short film—and they’re both named Dark Hollow.

Dark Hollow refers to the northeast Tasmanian surf break located not far from where Dion grew up. In support of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area and un-protected wild places around Tasmania that are under threat, the new capsule is part of Globe’s new ‘Low Velocity range: premium evergreen apparel made with sustainably sourced fibres and materials. Every piece in Globe’s ‘Low Velocity’ apparel range has been rigorously tested for fit, function and durability, ensuring that each is made to last and minimizes the impact upon the environment. The range includes, tees, jackets, shorts, pants etc, and features artwork by LA-based tattoo artist Nathan Kostechko. You can check the range out HERE.

There is also a Dark Hollow hardcover book featuring photography captured during the making of the Dark Hollow movie. A limited run of the book will be released alongside the premiere of the Dark Hollow film in mid-May.

The film Dark Hollow was shot on a combination of 16mm film and Red, primarily on location in Tasmania, but also features scenes from Japan and Indonesia. According to Dion, he and Joe G had been working on the film for some time. ‘It’s grown and evolved over time,’ he said, ‘but it has always taken its core inspiration from my home state of Tasmania. The film is our vision of how the world could be if we looked after it, and features appearances from some of my best friends, including Craig Anderson and Chippa Wilson.’

Finally, Globe and Dion will be donating a minimum of $15,000 (AUD) to the Bob Brown Foundation as part of the launch of Dark Hollow. 

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