Glenn Danzig’s ‘Verotika’ Is This Decade’s ‘The Room’

By Tobias Handke.

Misfits/Danzig frontman Glenn Danzig is releasing his first feature film this year, and if the trailer is anything to go by… it’s going to suck, but in a good way.

Written, directed and scored by the conspiracy theory nut-job Danzig, Verotika (a combination of the words violence and erotica) is a blood-soaked horror anthology based on his ultra-violent sexualised comic book series of the same name. The trailer features a creepy albino spider in humanoid form squeezing a woman’s head, a satanic ritual sacrifice, a woman who appears to have had her face torn off, all spliced together with quotes from critics and a menacing score by, of course, Danzig.

Premiering at the Chicago Cinepocalypse Film Festival last week, the reviews have not been kind, with most declaring Verotika a film so-bad-it’s-good and likening it to Tommy Wiseau’s cult classic The Room, which is high praise in my books.

Alex McLevy from the A.V. Club described the film as ‘a deeply, powerfully, almost worryingly funny film, a misfire of the highest order… From the first frame to the last, the poor acting, comical staging and the delightfully bad camerawork suffuse every moment with unintentional comedy,’ while Vulture’s Nick Allen wondered whether Danzig meant ‘to create the horror-comedy of the year?’ At a Q&A after the screening, the aging rocker confirmed that he did not intend to create a horror-comedy. ‘You guys laughed at the stuff I wouldn’t have laughed at,’ he remarked without a hint of irony.

The comical reactions to this film haven’t dampened Danzig’s spirits, and he’s intent on continuing his filmmaking journey with a vampire Spaghetti Western… which I’m already totally on board with.

Verotika is set to hit video-on-demand services February 25 and will be released on Blu-ray March 3.


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