Georgia Griffiths on Winning With Childish Gambino

Photos by Georgia Griffiths

Georgia Griffiths didn’t start shooting live music until 2018, but she could’ve fooled us.

The young photographer, who took out the Lake Wanaka Student category in our 2019 MC Photo Comp, was a contender as soon as we saw her black and white shot of Childish Gambino. While she’s spent a good chunk of her time last year finishing up a double degree in journalism and law in Rotterdam, she still managed to blow off enough uni work to shoot over 40 shows and music festivals in 2019 alone. Someone, snap this talented music photographer up before she puts her years of university tuition to its intended use. Get to know our Student winner, and how she managed to capture her winning shot despite all the odds (and tall crowd members), below.

Can you tell us a little more about the story behind your winning photo?

I managed to nab a photo pass for Splendour in the Grass last year, which was an amazing experience for me. We knew Childish Gambino didn’t allow any photographers in the pit for his set, so straight after Catfish and the Bottlemen ended a bunch of us ran into the crowd to get a spot to shoot from. Being 5’3’’ I usually don’t have a great view at concerts anyway, and this shot reflects that pretty well. It was like sardines in the crowd and I spent a lot of the set not being able to lift my camera up, let alone see Gambino, but the timing was definitely right for this photo.

Iggy Pop

What are you shooting at the moment?

I’m currently travelling through Europe and Morocco, so I’ve mainly been shooting the day-to-day life of the towns I’m in.

Cub Sport

A moment you regret not having your camera on you?

Anytime I go to a gig without my camera now I always end up thinking about what shots I would have taken during the first three songs. That said, it always hurts more when I do have my camera and I miss the shot.

Paul Kelly

Which of your photos would you save from a burning building?

I’m pretty good at backing everything up so hopefully I’d be all good, but hypothetically I’d probably want to save my shot of Paul Kelly smiling. It’s not the best shot technically but it makes me really happy.

Middle Kids

If you could steal talent from a photographer you admire, who and what would it be?

There are so many photographers I admire! For concerts, I’d love to be able to capture colours like Ruby Boland and Gabrielle Clement do, or have the post-production creativity of Cath Connell and Sophie Hill. I’d also want Michelle Grace Hunder and Giulia McGauran’s ability to create super engaging portraits.

Tkay Maidza

What do you like to do when you’re not shooting photos?

Pretty unsurprising, but I spend a lot of time at gigs and festivals even when I’m not shooting—I saw over 100 sets last year I think. I’ve also had a lot of free time lately, so I’ve gotten into a few good podcasts and have finally started reading books that aren’t for class again.

The Rubens

Any plans for 2020 that include your camera?

I photographed my first gig of the year last night, so hopefully a lot more of that! Also if any potential employers are reading this and looking for a law grad to take photos for them, I’m your girl.

See more from Georgia on her website or Instagram @georgiajanegriffiths

Catfish and the Bottlemen

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