Gángster Originales: Frankie Reyes

Our old buddy Ross Harris has made yet another rad little flick—this time with LA-based electronic troubadour Frankie Reyes.

You might know Frankie as GB (Gifted & Blessed) or, as his mum knows him, Gabriel Reyes-Whittaker. You might also know him as the composer of ‘Ven Mamacita’ from this year’s (last month’s) full-length album Originalitos. Reyes’ music is kinda uncategorizable. It definitely drills into his Latin American roots, but it’s also got something else happening that Sasha Frere-Jones can explain later. Just give it a listen, I reckon. And check out the interview above. We’d also like to take this opportunity to remind you that Ross is the kid from the movie Airplane (Flying High in Australia). Never forget.


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