How To Build Your Own DIY Quarter Pipe

Cameron Markin has been honing his DIY skills for quite some time.

He makes obstacles in the streets, fixes popular spots, and gets creative by adding to already existing obstacles. When lockdown hit, Cameron decided to focus on his new project, Rainbow Rails: custom-made rails, pole-jams and flat bars for friends (and now the public) via his Instagram account.

When G-Shock set us the challenge of incorporating their products into a project to show how tough they are, we knew the grit and grind of making DIY skate obstacles was the perfect fit. Most, if not all, skaters would appreciate a mini or quarter in their driveway, backyard, or at a friends house, so we decided to focus on how to build a concrete quarter pipe. And guess what? It’s surprisingly budget-friendly and with the help of a few power tools, you’ll be skating your own quarter pipe in no time. Cam broke it down for us below.

Materials (All in AUD)
25 x $7.9 bags of concrete = $197.5
2 x $20 rapid set ardit = $40
1 x sheet of melamine = $40
1 x 6m stick of form timber = $30
2 x sheets of reinforcing mesh = $60
Total estimate: $370

Hand Tools
Timber screed (offcut from form work) $0 Wood float $25
Magnesium float (non essential) $30 Steel trowel $35
Edging trowel (non essential) $15 Shovel $20
Bucket $10
Essential total: $90
Nonessential total: $135

Power Tools
Jigsaw $40
Drill $50
Circular saw (non essential) $60 Essential total: $90
Non essential total: $150

Concrete gloves – heavy-duty rubber $10 Cleaning brush $5
Vinegar (if working with open wounds) $5 Broom $20
Dustpan $5
microfibre cloth $5
Drinking water
Total: $50
Overall essential

Total: $600 Overall non essential Total: $700

If you’re looking for the most essential timepiece that can weather any storm you throw at it, head over to our friends at G-Shock. We barely managed to put a dent in it. Before and after shots below.

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