Full Moon Surfing Looks Like a Good Time

By now, you should’ve given Wade Goodall and Shane Fletcher’s Pentacoastal a watch.

Featuring Harry Bryant, Dane Reynolds, Nathan Fletcher, Pat Gudauskas, Tanner Gudauskas, Dylan Graves, Kyuss King and, of course, Wade Goodall, it’s arguably one of the best surf films of the year and, naturally, there was a lot of footage that never made it out of the edit bay. Enter, the B-Sides Series. The new video from Vans and the Pentacoastal crew features a full moon, 2 AM session at Tea-Tree in Noosa, shot in the aftermath of Cyclone Oma. The crew hiked up to the point to night-surf, wiring up a car battery and a spotlight to see if it’d work—which it most definitely did. Hit play above to see the results or refresh your memory with the full film below.

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