Frog Skateboards Drop Secret Video

Every time we see something new out of camp Frog, we know it’s gonna be a good day.

Logging onto YouTube this morning awarded us a look at Frog’s latest upload, Secret Video, and it’s a reminder of why they’re one of the most loved brands in skateboarding. Filmed by Daniel Dent, Jonathan Flechas, Jared Sherbert, Delone Bone, Robert Blazek and Daniel Wheatley, the video opens with Frog’s fearless leader, Chris Milic, bringing a whole lot of vibes (and some magic mannys).

Frog, from the Jonah Hill guest Editor Issue of Monster Children

Milic spoke to us about everything Frog for our recent Jonah Hill Guest Editor Issue of Monster Children (Jonah’s a big fan) and he told us more about their ethos: ‘Frog is definitely more friendly,’ Milic said. ‘I like it to look like your friends, even if you don’t know them, instead of some pro skateboarder who’s kind of untouchable or infamous. Everyone on Frog is sort of a normal guy, instead of some superhero. Everyone is really nice on the team; we just all love to skate!’

Check out Secret Video above, featuring one of the smoothest soundtracks we’ve heard in a minute.

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