Four Years of Supernaturally Dumb Shit

Twitter tweeter Jules Suzdaltsev has put together a list of 37 classic moments in Trump’s four-year reign, and it is just… WOW.

We’ve hand-picked a few of our favourites from his list below, but you absolutely have to look at the full list. Important to note: the 37 flubs catalogued by @jules_su are by no means the complete collection—Trump’s fuck-ups could fill an encyclopedia, but these are definitely some of his funniest (read ‘less lethal’) bungles during his mind-bogglingly absurd time as leader of the free world. Anyway, get ready to go all misty-eyed as you take a walk down this short section of Trump’s memory lane, a thoroughfare lined with whoopie cushions, dog shit, broken glass, and capital ‘C’ cringe.

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