FORMER Opens New LA Store

I am arguably the worst ‘event photographer’ this side of the globe.

Seriously, do not get me to shoot your event, especially if it’s at night and there is beer. I love taking photos, but I really like doing it in private. If I’m shooting skating, let me be as far away from the skater as possible, so they barely know I’m there. Lifestyle, I want it to be candid. So, events are pretty much my worst nightmare. You’ve generally got a flash going off in everyone’s faces, perhaps a big rig of camera gear, and to ease my nerves I’m generally the drunkest guy in the room. Not sure why I took on this task of shooting the launch of their new Former store on Friday night. I should have warned them about my history with events; I knew it would be a disaster well before it was time to cut the ribbon (there was no ribbon, I didn’t miss that).

Luckily, there was no ‘client’ to answer to on the night, so I just brought an Olympus Stylus and a roll of film to do the job. I was as undercover as I could be. My good friend and fellow photographer Dakota Mullins was serving the beer, so I figured I’d stay near the bar and help him lighten the load. ‘Clarke and the Himselfs’ did an incredible one-woman-band performance and I palmed off my camera to friends headed to the front row so they could take some photos of that for me as I kept the bar company.

If you missed the opening more than I did, you can go buy some clothes and skate the ramps any day of the week from now until forever.

FORMER: 2600 N San Fernando Rd, Los Angeles, CA 90065.

Opening hours: Saturday – Sunday 12-5 pm, Monday – Friday

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