Floyd The Barber Sells Kurt Hair!

Kurt Cobain got a haircut in the UK in 1989, and someone had the foresight to collect his hair.

That someone was the hairdresser, Tessa Osbourne, a friend of Kurt’s and someone who was along for the ride during Nirvana’s tour for the album Bleach (which has the song I barely shoehorned into the heading, ‘Floyd the Barber’). When Kurt died in 1994, Osbourne gave the bag of yellow locks to Seattle artist Nicole DePolo, and now it’s up for action, hair, bag and an original note reading: ’29/10/89: Tess cut Kurt’s hair in Birmingham, England, 27 Holy Rd., Handsworth, Birmingham B202BU’ which is retained with the original complete lock.’

According to the description at Iconic Auctions, this one-of-a-kind artifact is entirely fresh-to-market, and ‘accompanied by an impeccable lineage of provenance including images of Kurt posing with the woman who cut this hair, scissors in hand, and a fantastic shot of the hair actually being cut!’ The bidding has begun at $2500, and the auction ends May 15, so go get Kurt’s hair and, I dunno, have a cry-wank. In other weird Cobain news, Kurt’s ‘The Last Session’ photoshoot is being sold as an NFT. Jesus wept.

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