Flower Shop: More Than a Tattoo Spot

Three tattooers got together and had an idea for a tattoo shop that’s not really a tattoo shop. In fact, it’s more than that.

Those artists are Tanner Ramsey (Los Angeles CA), Cheyenne Sawyer (Portland OR), and Blake Wernli (Vista CA), and because they all live in different cities, they thought it might be nice to come together under one roof where they could tattoo but also showcase and sell all the other stuff they dig: original artwork, zines, music, clothes and, in the words of Tanner, ‘literally anything else we end up making.’ Flower Shop is like three imaginations shaken up in a box, and we had a chat with Tanner to find out more.

Tanner, in a nutshell, what is Flower Shop? 
In short, Flower Shop is a collaborative art endeavor and an evolving experience that Cheyenne, Blake and I have curated together. We wanted to try and create our ideal artistic environment, one that has the flexibility to change and grow as we do. We all live in different cities, so we had the idea to take tattooing out of the conventional tattoo shop. We wanted to merge it with the greater art scene and make it a more immersive, community-inclusive experience.

And there are three brains behind it?
Yeah. Blake Wernli, Cheyenne Sawyer, and me, Tanner Ramsey.

How did you go with the name Flower Shop?
It’s a bit of a riff of the street name of our location, Rose Ave. in Venice. We added ‘shop’ to it so it can umbrella more than just tattooing. We sell merchandise, original artwork, and people can come and go as they please. We didn’t want it to explicitly say tattoo in the name, because we want the experience to be broader than that.

Why now, why Venice, and why you guys?
Well, it’s us because we all wanted to create something together instead of going to each other’s shops to tattoo. Now seemed like the perfect time to bring the community together since we had all experienced so much isolation over the past two years. Venice was the perfect starting place because skate and surf culture is influential and essential to us. We all grew up with strong ties to Southern California and all that comes with it, so for us to begin here seemed like the perfect idea.

Where is the pop-up housed?
413 Rose Ave, Venice, currently. We would love to expand and take it to different spaces around the country, maybe even the world.

Cool. And is this your first time doing a pop-up?
It is! It’s been a learning experience, and we’re excited to bring more creatives in as it evolves. There are unlimited possibilities when you get enough creatives together in a shop with no boundaries, and we’re excited to keep pushing as we grow.

Is there going to be a big opening party and can I come?
Saturday, June 25th noon till midnight. Food, drinks, DJ, good people, good times. Come, and tell all your friends! Also, Ollie told me you were a big fan of Drab Majesty?

Yeah, I am!
Alex from the band is DJing at the party on the 25th. Thought you would be hyped on that.

Flower Shop pops up @ 421 Rose Avenue Venice, CA, from June 20 to June 30.


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