FLASHBACK: Sheep Shoes – Life of Leisure

Many of you whipper-snappers probably can’t even recall a time before you could pull a piece of metal out of your pocket to ask who to sleep with, let alone a time when Sheep Shoes existed. 

It was around in 1996-97, under the Sole Tech umbrella with Etnies, with an all-star cast of characters, many of whom would continue on to be some of the most successful dudes in skateboarding. Here is “Life of Leisure,” ahead of its time in use of found footage, pole jams, and the skating of rocks.  It was filmed by Mike Manzoori, featuring him as well as Brian Anderson, Rick McCrank, Frank Hirata doing a 180 fakie smith, “Mat” Field doing two fakie sex changes, Charlie Wilkins making Boston look awesome, Ed Templeton with curtains, and the ever-lanky, Philadelphian, unsung greatness of Sergei Trudnowski firecrackin’ and hill-bombin’ on an irie getaway from the Northeast winter.  

This video puts the Grind in Grindr….wait, can I try that again?  Aw, fuck it.  Go bomb a hill you little dork.

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