The Recyclable House, Beaufort, VIC

Five of the Best Sustainable Stays in Australia

Living more sustainably doesn’t mean you have to go without the indulgences that make your life all the more enjoyable.

As it turns out, Australia is quite the hot ticket for sustainable stays that are both low impact and high leisure. Here’s a handpicked list of the best sustainable stays to fill your soul with the good stuff without harming the planet.

Kittawa Lodge

Kittawa Lodge, King Island, TAS
Set among a 96-acre property on King Island, Kittawa Lodge offers boutique accommodation with panoramic views of what’s got to be the prettiest part of the world. It is entirely off-grid with a stack of rewards, including one of the best bathtubs in the world. Gourmet provisions and remedial massages are also available, with resident chefs frequenting the island during certain months to cook for guests within their lodge using the very best King Island produce, paired with Tasmania’s premium wines, beers and spirits. Sign me up!

Larnook at Sherbrooke

Larnook at Sherbrooke, Kallista, VIC
Located in the corner of a 160-acre flower farm, Larnook is the perfect mix of high-end and low-impact. Made with all the trimmings like an outdoor shower and fire put, Larnook is completely solar-powered and thoughtfully designed, making it hard to believe this thing is made from shipping containers. Just an hour out of Melbourne, it’s close enough to go hiking in the ranges or just chill out and enjoy your complimentary bottle of wine.

The Recyclable House

The Recyclable House, Beaufort, VIC
The Recyclable House doubles as an epic country getaway and a lesson on how to do sustainability without compromising on style. Originally built as an experiment, the Recyclable House boasts a closed-loop, passive-solar design, with a wood heater and edible garden. Can sleep a total of 19 people when the adjoining property is booked so you can get weird in the bush with all your friends.

Petite Eco Cabin

Petite Eco Cabin, Margaret River, WA
Cross the country, we’ve got the Petite Eco Cabin which is conveniently located on an actual vineyard of certified organic winery Windows Estate. All of the furniture is handmade locally in the Margaret River region, with all the grey water recycled onto the fruit trees and everything run on solar. Did I mention it’s on a vineyard? A true paddock-to-pour experience if I’ve ever seen one.

Mirumiru Bubble Tent

Mirumiru Bubble Tent, Tenterfield, NSW
If you are yet to sleep under the stars, this one is for you. A little unusual but undoubtedly stunning, the Bubble Tent is lined with a transparent roof so you can gaze up to the Milky Way uninterrupted all night long without being attacked by mozzies. Mirumiru is completely off the grid, so make sure you bring enough water and battery phone charge to last for your stay, but you can preorder meals and cocktail packages. Complete with an outdoor shower and firepit, it’s a slow stay best used to reset and reconnect with nature.

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