Tony Hawk by Grant Brittain

First Ever Tony Hawk Feature Doco on the Way

A feature-length documentary about the life and times of the Birdman is in the works, and you heard it here first.

Well, you heard it here second—Variety, as usual, got the scoop, reporting today that the yet-to-be-named film will be produced by the Duplass brothers and directed by filmmaker and photographer Sam Jones.

‘We’ve been quietly working on this one for a few years,’ producer Mark Duplass told Variety. ‘We are floored with the unmitigated access Tony has allowed us to his life and his fascinating relationship to the sport.’ Hawk also told Variety that the film was in the editing stage, with plans to release the documentary at a festival in the fall, followed by a wider release in 2022 sometime.

It’s not the first time that Hawk and director Sam Jones have teamed up. The pair sat down together back in 2013 for Jones’ interview series Off Camera, for an interesting chat all Birdman fans should go and have a look at. They covered off Hawk starting Birdhouse and what it taught him about determination versus talent (and how Andrew Reynolds is the hardest-working skater in the game), the dangers of extreme sports, and pushing the limits of what’s humanly possible.

Stay tuned for more.

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