Finally Write Your Book With the Unyoked Writer’s Residency

Four lucky (talented) writers are going to live and work completely off-grid Unyoked cabins for the next six months. What lucky (talented) writers? Maybe you! It’s competition!

Imagine living alone in the wilderness in that little cabin in the picture. What could possibly stop you from writing your book when you’re living there? Madness? Maybe. Absolutely, if you’ve got a head like mine. In 2018, I deliberately lived alone for a month in a small town (pop 3500) in the state of Indiana. It was the end of winter, excruciatingly quiet and I was writing my novel. And although I still had some human contact (the guy at the coffee shop, the lady at the liquor store, the sinister shit-covered fellow who appeared at my window occasionally), I did go a little bit mental. To be fair, the cottage I’d rented was haunted and I was unable to get more than a few hours’ sleep each night because the ghost would bang cupboards and turn lights on and off. When the month was up, I had three ragged chapters and a twitching eye.

You, though, you’ll be fine. You’ve got a steel-trap mind and can totally handle being alone with the wind and your thoughts for weeks on end. Get in on this comp now! All you gotta do is submit some written work by May 30, and a panel of judges (including MC writer Zac Bayly!) will read your work and then phone to tell you you’ve won. It couldn’t be easier. For more details (and more outrageously idyllic images) get over to the unyoked website.

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