Fetish Photography and Skateboarding


Portraits by Sye Williams

Mike Carroll has been selecting progressive visions to represent Girl Skateboards since 1993.

I’m not old or wise enough to tell you much about early 90s subcultures, but Girl’s latest collaborator Ian Reid will show you all you need to know. A veteran voyeur of 90s Brooklyn subculture, Reid is a skateboarder and cameraman extraordinaire.

mc-ian-reidReid recently connected with the team at Girl, and Carroll specifically, to produce a series of tees, decks, and accessories inspired by Reid’s fetish photography. In an interview with Girl, Ian spoke on the photo subjects saying, “I was always involved in subcultures. Remember when skateboarding was a subculture? (Laughs) When I wrote graffiti it was a subculture. When I dressed a certain way it was a subculture…all I did was document it and those involved in it…think about the first time you saw a kid fly down some stairs or grind a big rail on a skateboard that is far more shocking to most people I think than some of the things I photograph.”

“Girl/Chocolate videos have been strictly focused on the progression of skateboarding mixed with great cinematography and creative skits. Always brilliant and ahead of the curve. My videos were more about life off of the board; the times with my friends, who just so happen to be some people’s favorite skateboarders. I always prefer a candid approach to things… I wanted it to just be very natural looking and normal, like a regular day. Always fun or maybe sad and stressful, but that’s life. Especially with skateboarding. Ups and downs, fuck yes’s and hell no’s…”

Ian Reid x Mike Carroll for The Girl Skateboard Company launches alongside the photo and video exhibition. If you haven’t seen Sex, Hood, Skate & Videotape, Reid’s 2005 video, then you should really do your homework and get to the gallery.

 “A Days Work” runs from October 27th – December 4, 2016 at These Days LA. The collection is available in skate shops worldwide on October 31st. Keep Halloween weird.


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