beabadoobee eating a Player Series Fender recently.

Fender Give-Away Winners Announced!

A few weeks ago we invited you to enter a competition to win one of two Fender Player Series Guitars.

All you had to do was write in and tell us the first song you’d play if you won. ‘Smoke on the Water would result in instant disqualification’ we said half-jokingly, but of course, around fifty of you wrote in to say you would play ‘Smoke on the Water’. LOL. But then not LOL, for you were instantly disqualified. 200 of you said you’d play ‘Little Wing’ by Jimi Hendrix. This was also a mistake. Yes, ‘Little Wing’ is a beautiful song, however, it is a difficult one to play, which leads me to believe y’all already have guitars and don’t need a new one. Greedy. The remaining gazillion entrants all had great answers, but my favorites (for I am the judge of this thing) were…      

The dude from Black Pumas with a Fender Player Series guitar and a bitchin’ green two-door.

Clair Wainwright from Australia who said she’d play ‘My Sweet Lord’ by George Harrison, which is a piss-easy song written by my favourite Beatle (I should say current favourite Beatle because it was John when I was a teen, then Paul in my twenties. I’ll probably be all about Ringo when I turn 60… Weird). So, congratulations, Clair Wainwright, and extra points for modestly adding, ‘No promises I’ll actually be good but promise to give it my all.’

Winner number two is Sebastian Alonzo, who said he’d play ‘Night Moves’ by Bob Seger, which happened to be playing when I was reading his entry. So, congratulations, Sebastian, you won by coincidence.

Thank you, everyone that entered the comp, and thank you, Fender, for making great guitars! Now, get your 3D glasses on and Hare Krishna.

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