Help Us Feed Jeffreys Bay

Michael February and Jordy Smith—alongside Monster Children, Channel Islands and SMTH Shapes—are raising money for the township of Jeffreys Bay, which has been decimated by COVID-19.

The village township behind Jeffreys Bay, South Africa has been hit hard this year. Local people are struggling to feed their families and things are continuing to take a turn for the worse. These people are some of the warmest and most incredible people you’ll ever meet. Their living conditions are not nearly as comfortable as the house you’re currently sitting in, but in normal times, they go about their lives with strength and grace.

Since COVID-19 has hit, they’ve not been able to work, feed their families or sustain normal living conditions. The situation is critical and the global surf community needs to help immediately.

We’re raising money for the ‘Feeding J Bay’ initiative that was founded by five young local surfers, who are determined to curb the very real challenges of poverty that the community is facing. The initiative has fed hundreds of families to date. The goal is to be able to distribute Corn Soya powder, which can be purchased from the World Health Organization that holds the right nutritional value for healthy daily function.

The goal is to raise US$30,000 which is one shipment of Corn Soya. This is not a luxury meal, but a bowl of nutrient-rich porridge.

This will be via an online raffle. Each raffle ticket costs $5 and you can buy as many as you want for the chance to win:

2 Prize Packs

  • 2 x MFEB Channel Islands Custom Surfboard
  • 2 x Custom SMTH Shapes Surfboards
  • 30-minute zoom session with Mikey February and Britt Merrick to order your board or Jordy and Graham Smith.

We would love to encourage every surfer, every brand, business publication and organisation involved in surfing to donate, share and spread the word of this initiative. 

‘For over 30 years they’ve been the people that work in the stores. They’re the people that work as security or they clean houses and work in bars and restaurants. The people who live in the township are the base of the community at J-Bay. And I feel like everyone, every surfer who goes there has a responsibility to help out. We get so much from being able to surf at J-Bay and enjoy the place, so it doesn’t take much money from all of us to make a big impact.’ —Mikey February 

‘My fondest J Bay memories don’t just come from the Supers. It’s the whole J Bay community that makes the place so special and leaves such a lasting impression on travelling surfers. Right now this community needs more help than ever and if you’ve ever got to experience the magic that is Jefferys Bay or plan on visiting, now’s the time to help out in any way you can’ —Jordy Smith


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