Win A Fan Hangout With Wallows

LA indie rockers Wallows want you to come over and barbeque them.

And by barbeque we mean ask them questions, not marinate them in garlic, soy cause, apple cider vinegar, olive oil, and chili overnight and then lay them on a smoking grill. Braeden Lemasters, Cole Preston and Dylan Minnette (the three young men who make up Wallows) are inviting a handful of lucky Australian fans to join them for an online hangout/Qu&A session, and if you want to get in on that—click this bit and write a 5000-word essay about why you’d like to attend a virtual hang out with Wallows. JUST KIDDING! There’s no essay, but you’ll have to submit some details, like what you intend to ask Wallows during the Q&A and whether you’re allergic to peanuts. Nothing major. Before you do that though, check out the single ‘Scrawny’ from Wallows’ 2019 debut, Nothing Happens

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