Ever Wondered What the Pilot’s View is Like?

Photos by JPC Van Heijst

We all know that incredible sense of awe that takes over when you open your little plane window shutter at some ungodly time in the morning and catch one of the most breathtaking sunrises your waking eyes ever did see.

Or, that magical feeling you get when you look out upon a gigantic grid of miniature lights beaming from the city below you. It’s like this private little moment between you and the sky. Sure, it’s beautiful, and I don’t mean to take that away from you. But do you have ANY idea how much more of a moment the pilot is having with that same sky? Basically, that same sky doesn’t even remember your name.

Airline pilot and photographer JPC van Heijst has been flying since he was 14, and received his private pilot license four years later, before he even got his drivers license. Now 33-years-old, he’s spent more of his life in the air than on solid ground. He’s been documenting his views from the cockpit throughout his years of travel, and my god, does he have the best seat in house.

Here are some of the most spectacular images he’s shared so far. You can view his full portfolio here.

Lighting storm

Northern Lights
Night sky
Heaven from another angle
Make a wish
From the cockpit

Aerial view
Angry God?

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