Evan Mock: 2021 Photo Comp Judge

Evan Mock is one of those dudes who are good at basically everything.

To make it doubly infuriating, he’s also a nice guy, which makes it impossible to hate him for being so goddamn gifted. One of Evan’s great gifts, though, is his ability to take—and identify—an amazing photo, and that’s why we tapped him to judge the Shot-On-Mobile (presented by Boost Mobile) category of this year’s photo competition. Where he’ll find time to judge this thing—what with acting, shooting, skating, and whatever else he wants to be amazing at—is anyone’s guess, but he’s doin’ it, and we asked some questions about how you can win this thing.

Enter the MC 2021 Photo Comp Here.

First question: You appear to be very good at most things: surfing, skating, photography, acting etc. Is there anything you suck at?


How’s your singing voice?

Terrible in public. Impeccable in the shower.

What do you tell the guy airport when he asks what you do?

He usually just asks if my skateboards are a gift, and I say, ‘I wish!’ That way I wouldn’t have to carry these things around airports all the time.

What’s your earliest memory of photography?

My grandfather taking photographs of the landscape in Hawaii.

What’s your go-to camera these days?

Honestly, iPhone or—do I even dare say it—Yashica t4D

What’s something you really wish you’d photographed but didn’t?

Random passersby in NYC that went past me too fast to pull the camera out.

When we asked if you’d like to be a judge in our photo comp this year, what was your first thought?

Homies support homies, so there wasn’t much thought. I’m also excited to see what these young lads and ladies have in store for us. I wanna hear the backstories and everything. But, story or not, a banging photo is a banging photo, and you’ll know it instantly.

What will be looking for in the entries to this competition?

Originality, a bit of humour and a bit of glam.

There can only be one winner—what would you like to say to all the thousands of losers in the Shot on Mobile category this year?

If you’re gonna get mad about not winning and let that discourage you from taking photos, it probably means you shouldn’t be taking photos in the first place.

What’s the best way to totally NOT win?

Oh, that’s easy, just don’t submit a photo.

Enter the MC 2021 Photo Comp Here.

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