Euro Trip 2: France

Photos and captions by Ben Pier.

‘I went to France and owe you a picture story. So this is that.’

Those are the words if our friend, the intrepid photographer Ben Pier. You’ll of course remember Ben was recently in Portugal. Well, now he’s in France. Actually, scratch that—he’s on his way to Zurich. But he was in France, and he took these gorgeous photos as he passed through. But before you scroll down and wish you were here, enter your travel photos (or other photos) in our photo comp for a chance and winning some major cash. Okay, now scroll down and be jealous you’re not on holday.

Alexa and I flew from Lisbon to Paris for my Birthday. You all know about Paris. It is perfect. Everyone smokes and is cooler than you and that’s totally fine. It’s all Cake and Champaign and Spritzers.

But perfection is sorta not my thing so we hopped a train to Marseille.

Holy smokes. Marseille is the spot. I had no idea. I knew it was special as soon as I got out of the train station. I legit had no idea what to expect when I arrived. I actually thought we were going to Monaco or some shit. I think I like it like that, not knowing what I’m getting into until I get there. My curiosity is always piqued and I have to be on my toes.

The first few hours in a new place are always the best. My eyes are on fire checking everything out. The longer I stay somewhere, the more that fades and I take things for granted. Marseille was buzzing. Like someone put the Lower East Side on the Mediterranean Ocean and in France. I walked down from the train station to the hotel. With just a backpack and my camera in hand. The heat was screaming but the streets were still vibrant. So much movement. Everyone sort of surging to the center of the city. I tried my best to fit in in my cheap gold chain and white jeans.

So yeah, total rager in Marsaille. Go there. Amazing people, amazing snacks, warm water, great vibrations throughout. Alexa took me to a super sick bookstore there called Ensemble. Then the train back to PARIS where I dropped off my zine (Nothing You don’t Know — available on my site) at another amazing bookstore called OFR.

Thanks god! We bounced around Paris for another couple days, drinking natural wine next to overly friendly Americans and mobbing thru the streets. French stuff. And then I woke up one morning and it was time to leave for Zurich, so we made our way to the super fun train station again. Next up: Switzerland!

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