Epokhe Welcomes Austyn Gillette

The Epokhe fam feels more and more like a true family with every addition.

The brand aligns itself with friends who they want to work with, over how many followers they may have and regardless of their behaviour on the piss. Hence, the newest member of the ever-growing Epokhe family and long-time MC drinking partner, Austyn Gillette. So how’d co-founder Dion Agius break the news of the latest addition to the rest of the team? Without much fanfare, apparently: “Austyn is on the team, we signed a contract on the back of a receipt in lipstick at the bar the other night.”

Austyn was scaring bartenders and seagulls in and around Sydney for his welcome clip, shot by Riley Blakeway on 16mm film with music by the latest Epokhe recruit himself. Like staring at a dog barking at water, we could watch Austyn all day long. As history generally repeats itself, keep your eyes peeled for an almost certain, but not confirmed, AG frame coming soon… but in the meantime, get yourself a pair of DENZ, repped by Austyn in the above video.

Get your DENZ here. 

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