John Wilson

johnny-5050bkWords by Zach Baker, photos courtesy of Colin Sussingham

Johnny Wilson: chairman and filmer of New York’s most productive skateboard powerhouse, the Paych / Beef Patty / Horny boys. Florida-born, and Northeast-bred, Johnny Paych has authored fourgoingonfive full-length skate videos in the past two years, along with nearly 250 video blogs that drop on a weekly basis.

He supports his habits working as a catering cook, and spends the majority of his days getting out and filming with an ever-growing squad of rippers young and old, rich and poor, horny and not that horny. What’s chill about catering, other than having a platform to express yourself through the plating of beautiful Thanksgiving buffets for some embarrassingly drunk social media firm’s holiday party, is that you get to chow down the whole time you’re at work. Johnny had a work-heavy seventy-two hours before Thankgiving, and here’s what he chowed.



– A plantain and four blueberry pancakes (cooked at home)

– 2 dinner rolls, 1 piece of pie, and four pieces of turkey breast (snacked at work)

– Small bag of BBQ chips (from the bodeen)



– Two breakfast bars from Whole Foods

– One cheeseburger and french fries from Whole Foods

– 1 banana

– Couscous with shrimp, roasted sweet potatoes, peppers, and onions (cooked at home)



– Egg and cheddar sandwich (cooked at home)

– Fiber One bar

– 2 yogurt granola fruit parfaits, 2 chicken tenders, 2 mini pulled pork biscuits with kale (at work)

– 1 apple

– French fries ( “at McDonalds :(((” )


Johnny says that the best thing he had to eat was either the couscous with shrimp or the egg sandwich. He insists that he “loves egg sandwiches.” Paych can be bought here. Horny will be out soon. Paych.


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