Eithan Osborne Releases ‘Happy Talk’ on 16mm

I know what you’re thinking: who has the time to shoot a surf movie on 16mm in 2020?

Italo just released his 27th self-produced, creatively directed and surfed in clip for the year, but who cares? Andrew Schoener and Eithan Osborne, with the boys from Ventura, have delivered a refreshing piece of film-making and surfing with attitude, authenticity and music. And when all that comes together, it’s just great.

Eithan burst onto the scene with some solid punts and a sure-footed stomp a couple years back, and since then he’s dominated Stab highs and many Airbourne comps with his no-fucks-given attitude. And now here he is, delicately featured with the likes of Dane and good mate Micky Clarke.

It’s been cool seeing these kids pop-up alongside Dane over the past year on Danes new venture chapter11.tv, but even cooler to see Eithan bring out his own iteration of this relationship with this 16mm journey paired with some classic interview questions from Dane to Ethan and a smattering of fun moments kicking around Emma Wood and crew. So back to that first question: who has time to shoot a movie in 16mm in 2020? These boys do, and they’ve done a damn good job. Grab yourself a Coors Light, kick back and enjoy 20 glorious mins of entertainment, courtesy of the hard work by Andrew Schoener and the boys. Big props.

Check out the full online zine over here at happytalkfilm.com

Filmed on Kodak 16mm by @andrew_schoener, with art direction by Ryan Daniell.

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