Edward Woodley and SpiderXdeath Unite for DISTATE

Sydney’s China Heights have announced two-person exhibition DISTATE, featuring SpiderXdeath and Edward Woodley and available for viewing online now.

Both artists are heavily inspired by hardcore punk design and aesthetics and have worked together for over a decade, producing complementary work and publishing punk publications and recordings under the banner of Winter Garden Records. As a special release for the DISTATE exhibition, Winter Garden Records has produced a split 7″ record featuring friends Low Life & Schkeuditzer Kreuz. Each record is lathe cut, featuring a fold-out A3 poster and hand-cut wire-mesh cover insert.

Edward Woodley

Edward Woodley uses signage and the architecture of typography for the basis of his work. Inspired by the dystopian lyrics and the marching ‘D-beat’ of seminal British punk band Discharge, his series of works observe the human compulsion with systems of order and discipline. The foundation of the work is based on salvaged steel carnival signage and brass sheeting, forming an armoured platform for the hand-painted enamel symbols and broken text.


SpiderXdeath is a Melbourne based illustrator, tattooer and Australian punk musician. His State Control series is similarly influenced by punk band Discharge, who were influential in the second wave of punk and still hold clout to this day. ‘Discharge’s music is stark, bleak and confronting, much like the propaganda posters of the Cold War,’ SpiderXdeath said. ‘When I hear Discharge, I often think of an image that demands urgency, immediate attention and action. With that in mind, I created a series of paintings to convey the feelings of this band in visual, uncompromising nature.’ Each artwork deals with elements of state control such as technology, drug abuse, and police oppression, created in a style that’s been honed over two decades and featured on flyers, zines, and punk ephemera.

View DISTATE online here.  

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