Eau D’Office: Candles that Smell Like Work

Are you working from home still? Do you miss the office? Do you miss the smell of the office? Do you miss account boy Benjamin Murgatroyd’s breath?

I don’t. But then, I’m here at the office right next to his rank mouth. For many drones, though, the office is now contained within the home and, as we all know, home doesn’t smell like the office—it smells like rising-damp, burnt plastic and Doberman shit (or is that just account manager Benjamin Murgatroyd’s breath?). Sigh. That’s sad. But here’s some good news: the global design/branding firm R/GA has released a range of candles that smell exactly like pencil-pusher life. The Eau D’Office a series of six scented candles with names like ‘Breakfast Leftovers in Edit Suite 1’ and ‘Room 12F. 1 After A 6-Hour Workshop’, odours that promise to whisk you away to those heady days when you and your coworkers were all stealing stationery instead of yawning through one long, endless zoom meeting. Get your hands on one or all six candles today!

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