Earthquake Rocks Melbourne

I was on the phone with a friend in Melbourne this morning, and he said, ‘Hang on, I think we’re having an earthquake!’

And they were having an earthquake! But they were also making jokes about their mag 6.0 earthquake before it had even ended. There were three quakes in total this morning, measuring 6.0, 4.0 and 3.1 in magnitude. Property was damaged but there were no fatalities.

The first gag I heard, came from Australian (NZ but he’s ours now) comedian Tony Martin, who at 9:19 AM tweeted ‘Earthquake in Melbourne. Herald Sun has already blamed Dan Andrews.’ Hilarious. According to Geoscience Australia, the first magnitude 5.8 earthquake was detected at 9:15 AM, making Tony Martin the fastest smart-arse in Victoria.

Minutes later, the first ‘We Will Rebuild’ piss-take memes began appearing online. The one below is a rebrand of a previous LA-made meme that did the rounds when NYC experienced a small tremor in August 2011. Apparently, The Quake Kings of Los Angeles found it laughable that a 5.8 magnitude earthquake had made the New York news.

There are about 3-million iterations of this decade-old joke now flooding the internet, which Prime Minister Scott Morrison (speaking from a really nice hotel room in the United States) described as both ‘predictable and disappointing,’ but hastened to add that the earthquake had been ‘very disturbing’ for him. However, given there were no reports of fatalities, the PM will still be popping by Hawaii for a few days on his way home.

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