Dude Makes Song from Apple Product Sounds

I’m sure producer, singer, songwriter A.G. Cook is a lovely bloke, but I do not like his new song.

The song, titled ‘Start Up’, has been cobbled together from 45 years worth of Apple product sounds: beeps, bongs, clicks, shwaaahs etc. Which all sounds a lot like work to me, which is the opposite of what music should sound like (for the record, I don’t like that typewriter song either). Anyway, the song exists and includes chimes and blips from the iMac G3 Startup, MacBook Pro Startup, AirPods Case Closing, iOS Alert, HomePod Minimum Volume, iPod Click Wheel, Note Alert, Email Whoosh, MagSafe Charger, Night Owl Ringtone, HomePod Nope, HomePod PingPong, Mac 2020 Alert, Empty Trash, Message Sent, Message Received, HomePod Device Identify, iPhone Keyboard, Airdrop Invite, Mac Sosumi, Apple Pay and more. Actually, I’m pretty sure that’s it. Steve Jobs was working for Satan, the Apple logo was taken from The Book of Genesis, and this song is on repeat in all the elevators in Hell.

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