Drool: Completely Self-Sufficient Shipping Container Cabin

Mortgage. Mort—Gage. Mort, the French word for Death. Gage, a device used to make measurements.

Join the dots, sheeple. A mortgage is a goddamn death clock. What does that mean? Who cares. Let’s look at this cozy-ass cabin made from a marine shipping container. You might want to get a cold spoon out of the fridge because the lifestyle this thing promises will give you a hard or a wide-on, depending on your apparatus. This rad little cabin is called ‘Gaia’ and is part of pin-up houses experimental off-the-grid housing project. Gaia runs on solar power and wind energy and features a rainwater catchment and filtration system that collects in a 1,000-IBC tank. Boom. You’re off the grid and your footprint doesn’t exist.

Solar panels and a wind turbine transfer energy to a big battery, the charge of which you can monitor via a mobile app. The cabin shell is a marine HC 6 m container, fitted out with wooden studs and spruce plywood walls that are sprayed with thermal insulation, and smart storage space for a convertible sofa-bed, compact stools and tables. The plans look pretty straight forward; personally, I’d replace the fireplace with an old Aga wood stove and move it into the kitchen (piss off the gas stovetop, duh). I’d also figure out something with the bed; fold-away beds suck. Anyway, have drool over the pics and get a copy of the plans here for $190. See ya round, Grizzly Adams. Nice knowing you.

‘Didn’t you hear me, Greg? I said I’m leaving you. I can’t stand happily living off the grid and being self-sufficient any longer.’

‘A 1,000-IBC tank? You don’t say. I love this place, Greg. Let’s fuck.’

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