Dreamy Snapshots of Modern Day Cuba in ‘100 Mojitos’

Photos by LB Wales

They say Cuba’s changing, and they’re right.

Fidel’s gone, newly chartered flights from the US continue to descend with tourists daily, and more reliable internet access for the locals is imminent. All of this makes the visual documentation of modern-day Cuba all the more important, something with photographer LB Wales did particularly well during a recent stint on the island. The results were too good to collect dust on the hard drives, so LB pulled together his favourite images for his limited edition printed book, 100 Mojitos. You can practically feel the Havana heat smouldering the pages as you turn them. Here’s what LB had to say about his time in Cuba and how the book came to be.

“Anxious to see Cuba ‘before it changed,’ I booked plane tickets and threw together a presumptuous people-to-people tour, unknowing of customs procedures, or where I’d stay my first night. I wasn’t the only one.

I soon realised Cuba would become one of the easier countries I’d ever travelled through, as non-American tourists have been for almost three decades.

Of course, there was still waiting and time questioning everything: Who is in charge here? Did I just pay for that guy’s drinks? Is that a scam? Did I get the right change? Did I just get scammed? But these brief meltdowns of second-guessing are quintessential to any trip worth taking. The all-film series I’ve selected for ‘100 Mojitos’ live in-between the small moments of Cuban life, with the subtlety of the casual observer.”

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