Drag’s R.I.P is a Satirical Masterpiece

If you’ve been basking in the misery of the post-GFC surf industry, then it’s time to step into the light brothers and sisters.

The modern portrayal of surfing has perplexed me for some time. I’ve been surfing heaps of times, and it’s never been in black and white. Also, what’s with all the avant-garde slo-mo, French chick voice-over pseudo-sophistication that’s been doing the rounds for the last five(ish) years? I know bucket loads of surfers, and they’re more or less without exception, complete idiots. In the best possible way. There’s nothing sophisticated about coastal Australia, but it’s rife with culture of another kind: larrikinism, in its purest form.

Standuppers Harry Bryant and Shaun Manners, getting ready to drag.

While the fallen giants of the surf industry are sitting in their stale boardrooms scratching their heads as to how there’re more people surfing than ever and they’re making less money than ever, a crew of spongers (and their entourage that includes some of Australia’s highest profile free surfers) have tapped into the very reason that surf culture took off in the first place: it’s an escape from the monotony of everyday life, and, it’s fucking fun. In the age of the Trump, Turnbull, the housing crisis, the re-energised threat of nuclear annihilation, and plenty other reasons to not want to buy into the big, fat, white lie, it’s no wonder that people are lapping up the subversive humour of a bunch of authentic Aussie miscreants. Not to mention the kudos that comes with putting yourself in horrendously dangerous aquatic situations for little reason other than the fact that a working class hellman is something to be.

Remember how much getting winded sucked?

After sending investigative reporter Roger Dat to the premiere a week or so ago, the Drag boys were kind enough to offer us an exclusive viewing of their new long player R.I.P (Rest In Pits). It was supposed to go live yesterday, but the surf was cooking down in county Drag, and deadlines were pushed. Long may that remain the business model.

Bonjour moinseur, ca va?

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