Download Disconnect & Get Out Of Here

‘”Download, disconnect, hit the road.” Words to live by in the modern world.

Don’t negate tech, but don’t get consumed either, and always remember to fuck off somewhere else every now and again. And that’s pretty much what we did. With a couple of cardboard boxes still shut with masking tape thrown in the boot, I grabbed prolific lensman Chris Grundy and surfer-shredders-turned-ultra-hot-model-boyz Seb Raubenheimer and Kalani Ball and we headed down the coast in search of self-discovery and wanderlust. Neither of which was found, but we did find some fun waves and a bottle shop. We also found out that the clothes inside these mysterious boxes were actually pretty cool and proceeded to engage in a heated discussion of finders-keepers. Want to see what these pretty cool clothes look like? Because you should, because cool things are nice, and nice things are hard to come by in 2020. So go on, treat yourself.’

These words are spoken by Jamie Krups, the all-round grip making, photo taking, beer-swilling, surfing runabout from the Northern Beaches who sometimes sits in the Monster Children office getting free internet and electricity. He’s a good kid, questionable beer selection, though… Why not look half as good as Jamie by grabbing some pieces from the ‘Download’ collection below, thanks to Surfstitch. By the time you’ve thought about buying it, they’ve already shipped it and it’s covering your bits. Enjoy.

Here are a few handpicked items from Jamie and the MC staff or shop the entire collection here.

Levi’s® Ironic Iconic Trucker Jacket

Academy Brand – Catskills Jacket 

Brixton – Descent Li Tee

Processed By Rewind Photo Lab
Globe Cult Of Freedom Tee

Pass-Port Workers 5 Panel Cap & Epokhe SZEX sunglasses
Epokhe ‘DENZ’ Sunglasses
Epokhe – ‘UZI’ Sunglasses

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